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The Gold Coast When It Rains: Yes, You Can Still Have Fun

whitewater worldThe Gold Coast gets its name from the miles and miles of golden sandy beaches that run along the coast of southern Queensland. Obviously, this place is known for its awesome weather that results in an outdoors holiday almost every time, but what do you do on the off-chance that it rains? Can you still have an amazing time in the Gold Coast when the sky is overcast with drizzle weighing you down?

From experience, I can tell you that it IS possible to have a great time even when the weather is less than best. On my recent trip to the old Goldy, we were met with gray skies and light rains the entire 3 days. Here’s how we did it, as well as why it might have actually been better that the sky wasn’t so sunny.

Activities You Can Still Do When It’s Overcast With Light Rain

Jet boating. Instead of going kayaking in rough and choppy waters, we decided to sign up for jet boating with Paradise Jet Boating. The idea is that you’re going to get a bit drenched from the ride anyway, so what’s a little bit of extra water from the sky?

Surfing. The sky doesn’t have to be nice and sunny to catch a couple of waves. As long as the water isn’t too choppy, and lightning isn’t an issue, then surfing can still be exciting!

The Green Challenge. Surprisingly, the Green Challenge at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary can be done in light rain. I think it makes it a bit more difficult, but still doable and fun.

Whitewater World. Just like surfing, you’re going to get wet anyways, so what’s a bit of rain? Whitewater World is full of pools and water slides to keep you busy for the entire day.

Indoor Activities. Of course, there are a number of indoor activities to pass the time in an exciting way in the Gold Coast. Try a couple of hours at Timezone, perhaps an evening at Dracula’s and maybe a drink up in the Qbar. Restaurants and cafes are a dime a dozen, and shopping is always an option.

Why I Liked the Overcast Sky and Light Rain

It was less hot. When we were doing the Green Challenge at Currumbin, we had to get in full-body jump suits that were a bit warm. On top of that, the course can be on the physical side, meaning I would have been sweating had it not been for the cooling drizzle hitting my face.

It was less crowded. Whitewater World and Dreamworld weren’t overflowing with people, and Currumbin was on the less crowded side as well. I’m not a fan of having to elbow my way through theme parks, so it was actually nice.

I didn’t get sunburned. Queensland’s sun is very hot, and I tend to burn fairly easily. Luckily, an overcast sky and a healthy amount of sunscreen kept me unscathed.

Chances are that your Gold Coast adventure is going to be met with clear skies. And, if it’s not, then don’t worry. Here’s how we made the most of it, and you can, too!