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The Largest Timezone is Located in the Gold Coast

While playing video games may not be at the top of your list of things to do in the Gold Coast, you might want to give it a second thought when talking about the Timezone in Surfers Paradise. This Timezone is not only the biggest of its kind in the world, but it also comes with great package deals that make it one of the best value forms of entertainment in the area.

Level 1, Centro Sufers Paradise
Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Phone: +61 7 5539 9500
Hours: 9am to midnight daily

For $20, you get two hours of play in a variety of activities. The first hour includes 12 ticket games and unlimited non-ticket games. The second hour includes one game of putt-putt golf, one laser tag skirmish and one dodgem cars ride. You will seriously feel as though the playing never ends as these will be the most power-packed two hours of your entire trip.

Plus, when all the playing is done, you even get to choose from some fun and practical prizes in exchange for any tickets won. These prizes are definitely not just for kids and include useful household items, such as coffee mugs, toasters and hair dryers. It’s hard to top having fun and winning free stuff!

Games are numerous and readily available. The Timezone in Surfers Paradise takes up a large chunk of the Cavill Mall’s top floor, and they cater to everyone from little-ones to adults. There are shooting games, sports games, dancing games, games to ride on, and games to make you think. Half of the games will get the blood-flowing and almost serve as a workout, especially if you’re trying to cram in as many games in the first hour as possible!

A larger combination package is available as well for $25, $35 and even $60 for a family. If you’re just looking to play one or two, you can pay for each play individually, but if you consider the fact that dodgem cars are $5 and the laser skirmish is $10 on their own, you would get more for your money by choosing the $20 package.

Timezone is a suitable attraction for families, friends and couples young or old. It doesn’t have to be a rainy day to put it on your list; you just need to have a couple of hours and a fun-loving spirit.