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Gold Coast Helitours

Gold coast HelitoursI never knew what it would be like to ride in a helicopter, and to be honest, I never thought I would ever really find out. A scenic helicopter ride has most likely been mentioned before but quickly buzzed in and out of my eardrums before having time to register as a possibility. Perhaps it’s the budget traveler in me.

Thanks to Gold Coast Tourism, however, I finally was given the opportunity to take one for a spin over the very scenic Gold Coast. Better than the views was the company, Gold Coast Helitours, that was both jovial and hilarious (just wait until you watch their pre-boarding video).

About My Ride

Gold Coast Helitours, located down at Marina Mirage, whisked my boyfriend and I away on a 15 minute journey over the Gold Coast. We went up towards SeaWorld, back towards the hinterland and out over the beaches and the ocean. It provided the best possible perspective of the deceptively wet area, as well as the overwhelming natural beauty of the landscape.

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brooke in helicopter
Brooke in the chopper.

We popped on headsets with microphones so we could hear the pilot and we could talk to each other (without them would have been very loud!). And then we took off! Can I just say now that helicopters are very weird machines… and small. There is no steady feeling like you would get in an airplane; instead you feel a little wobbly if that makes sense. We even had a little bit of the sea-leg syndrome when we got back to land.

You might be thinking that 15 minutes is not a very long ride, but once you get up there, you really feel as though that amount of time lets you take it all in. There are, in fact, 5 or 10 minute rides, or even flights that transport you from the Gold Coast to the Brisbane Airport — if you need that sort of service.

More Than Scenic Tours

Gold Coast Helitours has combined a helicopter ride with the ever-popular tandem skydive! The Gold Coast is one of the top places in the country to fall from the sky, so why not add that little feature onto your ride?

For more romantic and special occasions, the company can take customers out to a secluded beach location for a private picnic. Or, they can help you pop the question with banner towing or sand writing.

As mentioned before, they offer airport transfers, as well as corporate charters. It’s a very versatile company!

Check out the Gold Coast Helitours official website.

I received this ride for free as part of a media trip with Gold Coast Tourism, but all words are my own.