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Discount Cards in Sydney

save cash with discount cards in your walletSydney would not be known as a budget destination by any means. It is, after all, the largest city in all of Australia with global companies, a large international airport and a healthy population to back it up. It is best to be careful here; Sydney is the type of place that can leave a traveler in shock once they’ve gone a few days without checking their bank account.

Luckily, there are ways around the city that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and one of those ways is by investing in a good discount card. Sydney discount cards can help you make the most of your time, and without breaking the bank, so do be sure to read on and take note. Your travel wallet will thank you.

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Smartvisit Card

The Smartvisit Cards gives a traveler free access to more than 40 different attractions, tours and things to do in Sydney at one amazing price. Attractions include Sydney Tower, Sydney Wildlife World and the Sydney Aquarium to name a few. The card works for a certain number of days (2, 3 or 7), during which time you will get free access to select items, and gifts and discounts at others. The savings for the card vary on the itinerary chosen, but it is definitely worth it if you plan on some major sightseeing. Visit site >>

Sydney Five in One Card

The Sydney Five in One Card provides entrance to 5 attractions around Sydney for one fee. Once you receive the card, you swipe it at the attraction instead of using a debit/credit card. The card remains active until you have used all 5 swipes, or 5 consecutive days have passed. Attractions include Oz Jet Boating and Sydney Wildlife World to name a couple. Choosing your attractions wisely can save you heaps of money! Visit site >>

Viva Sydney Card

The Viva Sydney Card is a free, downloadable discount card that works at numerous locations around Sydney including hotels, restaurants, spas, art events and activities. The main discount is the buy-one get-one free deal, so if you’re traveling in pairs, this card is a must! Plus, it’s FREE! This card is made available through the Tourism New South Wales website. Visit site >>

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