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Discount Cards in Australia

So, you’ve decided to catch a cheap flight to Australia in hopes of seeing as much of it as possible. The only problem now is the budget, and the budget can go a bit too quickly when down under. Nomadic Matt spelled it out on his article on The Cost of Traveling Oz just how expensive the journey can be, but do not worry! There are ways to save some money while also having the most amazing experiences in Australia. Check out these discount cards that can get you some major savings on attractions, transport and even places to stay.

Aussie Travel Saver

The Aussie Travel Saver card is said to save a traveler up to 50% during travels to Australia. Several restaurants and cafes are participating with this card, meaning every breakfast, lunch and dinner could be done with savings! That’s not to mention the travel insurance, attraction, accommodation, car rental and bar discounts you could also be receiving. Card prices vary depending on the length of time it is purchased for, which can range from one month to one year. Visit site >>

VIP Backpackers

The VIP Backpackers card is a discount card that works in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. When you book at participating hostels, activities, attractions and providers using your card, you get a discount as specified on their website. It comes at a one-time fee of $37AUD, but that price is easily paid back after a few hostel stays. Visit site >>

MAD Card

The MAD Card is provided by the Nomads Hostels group. Being a cardholder gets a backpacker discounts on partner hostel stays in Australia and New Zealand, as well as heaps of free entry and drinks vouchers. It also works as a discount phone card and a way to get cheap internet at Global Gossip cafes. Visit site >>

City Discount Cards

Be sure to check out our guide to city-specific discount cards to get even more deals on attractions around Australia!

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