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Discount Cards in Perth

Perth isn’t known as one of the more expensive places in Australia, but if you’re like me, it would be hard to pass up a good deal. Discount cards in Perth are a brilliant way to save money while traveling to Western Australia, so if you’re a broke backpacker, or a sucker for a sale, then you must check these out!

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The WA VIP Card is a dining discount card that is available for Perth, and Western Australia, use. The cost for the card is $50, but if you plan to spend a bit of time on that side of the country, it could easily be worth it. The list of restaurants and bars is a mile long with discounts of 25% on many. The card is good until the end of March each year, and you can use it an unlimited number of times until then.

Restaurants include:

  • Black Swan Winery
  • (A)llure
  • Sirocco Burswood
  • Pure Bar
  • Friends Retaurant
  • Golden Pond

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If you know of any other discount cards involving Perth attractions, restaurants, accommodation or travel in general, please leave a comment, and it will be added to the list.