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Discount Cards in Melbourne

When planning a trip to Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, it is a wise idea to think about your budget beforehand. A number of options on things to do in Melbourne are available, and you will want to make the most of both your time and money. While tourist attractions may be synonymous with being overpriced traps, they are usually a must-see, and you can do that saving some cash in the process by using these discount cards in Melbourne.

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See Melbourne & Beyond Smartvisit Card

The Smartvisit card is a great addition to the major sight-seer’s wallet since it gives the holder free entrance to over 40 different attractions, as well as deals and discounts at many others. That list includes the Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo and the Eureka Skydeck 88. The card is available in 2, 3 or 7 day options, and has discounts for children. Along with the card, the holder will receive a travel guide for the area. Savings depends on the itinerary you choose, but it is definitely worth it if used correctly. Visit site >>

Melbourne Five in One Attractions Pack

The Five in One Attractions Pack gives the holder the opportunity to choose any 5 of the 20 select attractions in Melbourne for one price. Many of the attractions provide free entry, so the amount of money saved really depends on the attractions you choose. It also saves times since you don’t have to worry about cash on hand at these locations. Visit site >>

Melbourne Xpress Attractions Pack

For those with less time, or that want to see fewer attractions, there is the iVenture card with access to three different Melbourne attractions. This option gives the a traveler the choice from 10 select attractions, and, again, the amount of savings is dependent on the attractions chosen. Visit site >>

Gray Line Tour Pack Melbourne

The Gray Line Tour Pack is the ultimate package when traveling to Melbourne. With this discount card, you can choose one Gray Line full-day tour, and also two different Melbourne attractions. The Gray Line Tours on offer include the Great Ocean Road Adventure, which comes complete with a coach ride and access to national parks. In addition to a full-day of adventure, the free entrances may be used at the Melbourne Aquarium or Eureka Skydeck 88 among others. Visit site >>

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