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Darwin- getting around town

Taxis: For a taxi in Darwin a useful number is 08 8981 3777 or as in all Australian states you can call 131008. In Darwin, taxis only really work on a call out basis during the peak times of the year. Just because you are at a taxi rank- your chances of getting one are almost zilch if you don’t call. In fact they really seem to enjoy waving at potential passengers and then shaking their head saying “no- can’t.” Their service is generally prompt and courteous if you do call. There is a 3.80-4.50 flag fall. Aside from that they are quite reasonable. Most locations around town were under $10 with the airport journey being $25. In Australia you can put 4 people in a taxi- one person can sit in the front next to the driver. Odd to most other countries- Aussies generally jump in the front seat as opposed to the back seat if they are in a cab on their own. Almost everyone I was with in Darwin found it easiest to use taxi’s to get around. The Darwinians and travellers in the region were very friendly and were always willing to share a cab into town making it less expensive than the bus. There are shuttle buses to the major shopping area- Causarian Mall, and almost everywhere else in town is walkable with enough time. Rental cars are shockingly expensive. The cheapest economy car I was able to find during the Dry was $55/day plus insurance etc. Cheapa Rental Cars- located on Mitchell- they are a small new privately owned company that also hires motor bikes. There are plenty of places to find a rental car or caravan.