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Lightning Ridge, Easter Celebration Tips #2

dsc01128.JPGThe town of Lightning Ridge really pulled out all of the stops for their Easter Celebration. In addition to their Great Goat Race, There were several other events that if you attend- you should know about.
The Carnival– to keep the masses of tourists…about 2000 of them busy and the locals entertained, there was a carnival complete with rides, games, fried stuff and Carnies! This year it was set up next to the Bowling Club.
The Rodeo– The culmination of a weekend of good country revelry could not be complete without a Rodeo. A $10 entry fee got you in to see cowboys rope calves, and broncos and bulls to buck them off. Dirt and “go sons” were flying. There was also a band that played afterwards. There were a couple of food booths selling good ol’ Aussie Sauso sandwiches and cups of chips. If you are watching your figure- eat elsewhere. To supplement the oh so healthy food offerings there was also a designated bar area where they fenced in the drinkers, gave them bleachers to teeter off of, and parents could walk their children by the zoo and point out- “you don’t want to end up like THAT”! Eh- It was all good fun! If you’ve got boots and a hat- here’s your chance to wear them.

dsc01186.JPGThe Horse Races- If you haven’t had your gambling fill yet- after the Goats- there is genuine…the real deal…horse racing. Come on out and see where the Glitz and Glamour of Melbourne Cup Day begins. Real Grass Roots Horse races complete with men on little boxes taking bets, ladies in frocks and hats, and plenty of tinnies a flowin’ (I won $11! Yea!). SOOOO much fun. A cultural event NOT to be missed if you are in town. While anything went for dress code, there were cash prizes for best dressed.
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