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Lightning Ridge NSW, Easter Celebration Tips #1

dsc01178.JPGLightning Ridge Tips and Tales: Wa Ha Ha! What a laugh! The Goat and Wheelie Bin Easter Eggstravaganza in Lightning Ridge was absolutely Hilarious! If oddball festivals are your thing- this one is a MUST do! You will, however, do well to start planning now. I’ll be putting up information on Lodging and other concerns along the way.
The Great Goat Race! The highlight of the weekend! Get there early if you want to “buy” a goat. Guaranteed laughter. If you buy a goat- you have the option of being the jockey yourself or there are throngs of local kids ready to sit in the little cart and ride out the mayhem. Did I saw mayhem- I meant ABSOLUTE mayhem! Stunningly hilarious, especially when the goats get their little bit of justice every now and then.
dsc01136.JPGIf your goat wins- you win a bit of money. 6 heats, a Semi and a Final. If you missed out on purchasing a goat at the beginning- you have another chance to get in on the fun! Before the Semi’s they auction off the winning goats in a “Calcutta” We put together a “Syndicate” and bought a goat called Kid Rock! Our fabulous little friend won second! Yay!!! Even if he hadn’t won- it was still well worth getting up early and laughing till your belly hurts!
dsc01148.JPGThe Wheelie Bin Race– 5$ entry only on the morning of the race. Get there early- the heats do fill up. They use the Bin race as a filler inbetween the Goat Race heats. However the winner of the Bin race can win over $100! Bring your running shoes. It is a 200 M sprint pushing a Garbage can on Wheels. Local businesses provide and decorate the Bins. We were tragically disappointed it wasn’t a team sport with one person riding. 6 Heats with a Semi and a Final.
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