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Car Sharing in Melbourne and Sydney

blue-yaris_sm.jpgDo you live in Melbourne or Sydney, need a car occasionally, but not really enough to own one? Check out car sharing! These fun little cars are located in most of the popular neighborhoods of both cities such as St. Kilda, Manly, Newtown, Bondi, and the CBD areas. Help the environment, while helping yourself. Win win!
GoGet CarShare is perfect for people who don’t need a car everyday or want to get rid of that second car. It’s also perfect for businesses or organisations that get the benefits of having a car fleet without the costs.
GoGet CarShare is more convenient than car rental, cheaper than car ownership and a great way to help the environment. Simply join as a member and book your GoGet car online or by phone for as little as an hour (or longer). Then, take a short walk to the car, use a special key or swipe card, jump in, drive and bring it back to the same spot.
If you need the car for longer, they have great rates that compare to car rental (but they pay for petrol).
The cars live in special reserved parking spots (called “pods”) making them easy to find and even easier to get a park. There is a range of different cars to suit your needs, including utes and station wagons.
Each month you get an itemised account, much like a phone bill. What you don’t get are mechanical, insurance and registration costs, cleaning hassles and everything else that goes with owning a car. Why not compare us to car ownership?