Spray me Baby! Instant Tan for Byron Bay

Going to Byron Bay and didn’t have time to work on your tan before you left? Did you walk out of the hostel and realize that you don’t look like anyone else on the street and that is because you can’t see the line between your gleaming white socks and your legs? Do you blind people when they walk by? Do people need uv protection to look your way during conversation?

Well- you can get those bronze tones you are looking for with out spending that first day in the sun and coming out a lovely shade of vermilion- go to Bronzed Byron Babes- The all natural spray tan. They claim all natural- no chemicals and no orange overtones. By appointment- call Kia- 02 6680 9356 or email kia7bbb@hotmail.com 3/6 Fern Place Arts and Industrial estate Byron Bay.




The Bronzed Aussie Bombshell- male and female is still all the rage in the land down under. Not just in Byron Bay – spray tanning is THE thing down here to help keep the balance between damaging your skin and still looking sun kissed. Most tanning and beauty salon’s have it available. Be forewarned- you have to follow the guidelines exactly or you will have half of it wash off….