Have locked bags, will travel

THE recent deluge of negative press involving Australians in Bali has not turned people off holidaying on the resort island, but most are taking extra precautions.

“Every aperture of our luggage has a padlock on it, which we wouldn’t have done before,” said Ken Postill of Sydney, who is spending six days in Bali with his wife Joanne and two young children.

A lot of friends had warned them off coming because of a common perception in Australia that Schapelle Corby had been unfairly treated by the Indonesian justice system, he said.




Prosecutors last week demanded a Bali court sentence Corby to life in prison for alleged drug smuggling.

From Have locked bags, will travel

I wonder how much padlocks really matter, in terms of deterring people. In the States, you can’t use them. One trick is to use twist ties, as the time it takes to undo them is note-worthy, and if they’re missing, you know to be extra aware when grabbing your bags. I suppose with this most recent court case, however, I’d even be a little more wary when heading to Bali.