Organized Sports and Travel Insurance

ouch While in Oz or other places overseas- do you plan on skiing, snow boarding, water skiinig, surfing- or mega worry- play organized sports? If so…please look at the terms of your travel insurance very carefully.

I am sure you all have heard- the Aussies are MAD about their sports. If you are planning to spend anytime in Australia and are sporty at all- you will be faced with the opportunity to play organized sport of some sort- a corporate comp, a neighborhood comp or even a club team. I currently play on 3 soccer leagues and sub in a couple of corporate leagues- In OZ- Sport happens.

Playing organized sport in another country is an excellent way to meet people and really get involved in the local community. Don’t take this choice away from yourself by choosing the least expensive travel insurance. Australia is a very sporty outdoorsy nation. Fun runs, surf carnivals, etc are everywhere and definitely add value to your stay.




Personally, for while I am here in Australia, I purchased my travel insurance through and was able to purchase reasonably priced travel insurance that covered “organized sports”. I am extremely glad I did- for while one never plans to get injured….I was playing goalie for the first time in 20 years….doh!

Read the terms and conditions very carefully.