Top Australia Links

Although we know a lot, we don’t know everything. Here are a few of the best links to learn more about Australia.

Australian Department of Immigration and Cultural and Indigenous Affairs
The be all and end all of what you need to know about coming to Australia, no matter how long your stay. Put up by Australian government and loved by travelers worldwide.

Australian Tourism Board
The tourism board gets their say. Look a pictures, check out maps and figure out where you want to go.

Australian History-Brief Summary
Show off your skills. Know some history. This brief timeline links to a one page summary if you’re short on time.

More Detailed Australian History

If you care to more about Oz history than just the dates.

Sydney Morning Herald
Check up on all the local news before you go with Australia’s largest circulating newspaper.




Brag to all your friends about how much better the weather is in Oz, while they’re stuck digging out their car from under six feet of snow. Like with surf reports.

Australia City Search
Wanna know THE places to eat, drink and party in Oz? Look for a place to nosh al fresco or check on what’s on at the hottest clubs.

Pictures of Australia
Lots of people take pictures of Australia. This guy just does it better.

Hunter Valley Wine Country
Australia is known for it’s Shiraz. Make sure you drink some of it- this primer wine region is only 100 km outside of Sydney.

Aussie Lingo
Who says they speak the King’s English down under? Make sure you know the strine, you tosser.

Australia Study Abroad

The straight facts on studying in Oz and lists of the programs that will get you there.

Migrate to Australia
In case you want to stay in Australia: find out your options and get a free assessment of your skills.

Aussie Cookin’
Cook some of the Oz specialties yourself once you get back home.

Can’t find what your looking for on any of these sites? Use an Australia-only browser.