22 years old, and soon to be a man of the world

Apparently, at some point during my fairly expensive educational process, I was never informed of the true size of Australia. I’ve always assumed I could drive south to north in three hours or so, and maybe five or six to get east to west.

This apparently is a rather egregious error, as Australia is in fact about the size of the U.S. Who woulda thought? I just assumed that when people said, ”If you think the weather in Sydney’s too chilly, you should go north to Brisbane, the water will be much better,” it was some sort of weird Gulf Stream that made the water super hot only an hour’s drive north. I’m not really sure why I was under this impression, but apparently I am also the only person who thought this, and well, I just feel silly.




From 22 years old, and soon to be a man of the world

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