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The Kimberley, Cool things to see: The Hoochery

dsc01440.JPGHe He He. Get thee to The Hoochery I tell you! An absolute delight! The family owned distillery and is the oldest legal Still in WA. 15k north of Kununurra on a farming property, they distill 100 bottles of spirit per week. Tours and tastings available. The tasting room is a really warm and welcoming antique space with tasting bar, gift shop and café style nibbles to get you through the extensive tasting list. Watch out!
A few of the fine liquors on offer: Cane Royal Liquor, Ord River Rum (the first distilled in first in WA) Aquadiente, and my favorite, the dark rum- it believe it or not- had a really lovely finish to it- you could really taste the molasses and other types of sugar that go into the process. The strongest sample on offer is 64% alcohol! Apparently it can be used for medicinal purposes.
The Hoochery has the same class and finish as a wine tasting cellar; the hosts were knowledgeable and recommended the order of tastings while explaining the process of each offering.
The Cane Royale is a MUST try ladies! It is so sweet, chocolaty, yum! The Aguadiente- or Ouzo/Aniseed style beverage was surprisingly smooth and tasty.
A really fun and different style of stop- kind of very NT/East Kimberly attitude- where the independent spirit prevails in the quality of the product.
Open 9-4 M-F
Tours and tastings 10-3 on the hour.
Sat 9-noon.
The Hoochery Distillery
243 Weaber Plains Rd,
Kununurra WA 6743