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The Kimberley, Visit the Bungle Bungles

dsc01418.JPGOK, The individual who pointed out it is a LOOONG way between electrical power points in the Kimberley is absolutely right. Durning my last couple of weeks up there, I have to admit, I was forced to drink a few marginally Kimberley cold beers from my cooler at the end of the day. Any hooo, the real story here today:
The Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park are a World Heritage listed natural attraction. They are soooo cool. A freaky natural process has caused red and dark stripes to surround the gigantic beehive like structures in a totally unique rock formation. A bit like having to go see the Grand Canyon, takes awhile to get there, but worth it.
Slingair and East Kimberley Tours are an excellent option to the huge international conglomeration of APT. The staff at APT were incredibly unhelpful and downright rude when I was trying to book a tour with them. They kept me on hold for 35 minutes! They were going to require FULL payment up front BUT they would not tell me if they could even get me on a tour UNTIL I paid in full. After I gave them my money- then they MIGHT have a tour for me to go on- if not- regardless that my vacation plans had been ruined- would then issue a REFUND. DODGY!
I called the Kununurra YHA. Even though I wasn’t staying there, their friendly staff had me booked onto a tour within about 5 minutes and only required a standard deposit. They booked me onto Slingair and East Kimberley Tours who are the original tour operators in the area.
A family run business their staff and facilities were all very clean, professional, efficient and helpful. Some of the highlights of their service:

  • A pick up from my accommodation,
  • A complimentary bottle of cool water waiting for our arrival,
  • A very personable pilot who came and greeted each of his passengers,
  • High Quality Small Aircraft
  • Knowledgeable tour guide
  • The fantastic boxed lunch in all eco friendly non-disposable materials. It catered for almost every food preference group- even without asking.
  • The tour was around $520 per person which included return airfare Kununurra to the Bungles, a 4wd tour, a 4 K hiking tour, lunch, afternoon tea, and a lovely cool spot to swim. Home by 5 it was the perfect way to see the Bungles if you are short on time. The $520 a person first struck me as expensive, however, the road from Kununurra to The Bungles takes over 6 hours each way and requires a 4 wd. Not an easy place to get to, it is not going to be cheap anyway you go.
    If you are into Natural Attractions that are totally unique to Australia, the Bungles can’t be missed.