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A Restaurant with Many or Few Options: Which do you prefer?

menuI personally go back and forth on the idea, and now I’m wondering what you readers might think. As a restaurant, there are many benefits of either keeping a tight and select menu or by offering a wide range of tastes and flavors to please any palette.

While in the Gold Coast on a media trip, I was given the opportunity to eat at two very nice restaurants, each with differing menus, however, much like in the question this post is posing.

GlassGlass is a restaurant located right on the Marina Mirage over in Main Beach (a 3 minute walk from Gold Coast Helitours), with seating right on the water. It is classy and laid-back at the same time. Only, the actual process of looking through the menu and deciding what to eat took us far longer than expected given the choice — something I both love and hate at the same time. Since I lack taste buds for liking certain foods that others often love (like mushrooms and seafood), I find that menus heaps of choice make sure I am able to find something that makes my mouth water. On the other hand, it got to a point where I had to just close the menu and decide on the last item I saw because there were too many good options to choose from.

Little TruffleLittle Truffle is a restaurant in Mermaid Beach serving up modern Australian cuisine spiced with European flair – extremely delicious – and with the exact opposite mindset when it comes to the menu. The chef even came out for a chat with us at dinner and explained that their restaurant believed in offering up a few options on the menu, but doing them to the best of their ability. And, what I had was spectacular — confit pork belly with pea and mint puree and caramelized apples — but I definitely had but a few to choose from. It wasn’t an issue at Little Truffle because I liked many of the options, but I have been to certain restaurants where I had to pick one specific dish, and I wasn’t happy about it.

It probably depends on a person’s specific tastes, but I’m curious to hear from you on what your preference is for menu choices: a lot or a little.

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