Adelaide, South Australia

Travelers who make it to Adelaide are generally those who:

a) Have an obsession with wine
b) Kept going after the Great Ocean Road turned into the Prince’s Highway
c) Decided it was a good watering hole on the way to Alice Springs OR
c) Went to all the other capitals in Australia and didn’t have any other large cities to visit

Because Adelaide’s population growth rate is less than 50 percent of the national average, it is considered a “slow growth area”, and that’s all part of this city’s charm. A little over one million people call Adelaide home, and those that do relish the slow pace of this city. There are more restaurants per capita in Adelaide than anywhere else in Australia, and the nearby world-famous Barossa and Clare valley wine regions provide the libations. As Australia’s first planned city, the streets, gardens and buildings are arranged beautifully in a one-mile square grid, and those who take the time to spend a few days here are pleasantly surprised by its easy navigation. Adelaide is located on Australia’s southern coast, in the eastern half of the country.




Top Adelaide Attractions:

  • Barossa and Clare Valley Wine Regions
  • South Australian Museum
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • WOMADelaide Arts Festival