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Favorite Australian Slang: Surfie Speak

This is part of an ongoing series of posts on my favorite Aussie slang. Be sure to check back for updates, or subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates to your reader automatically.

surferIf you love Aussie slang, then you’ll probably find a bit of the surfie slang even more enjoyable. Remember how I talked about Aussie slang for beach terms just a couple weeks ago? Well, I was lucky to be given a kids magazine (K-Zone) from my boyfriend that had a page specifically dedicated to the world of surfie speak, and it was so good, I knew I had to share it all here.

How to Speak Like a Surfie:

Cooleoleol: Say it when your mate totally kills it on a wave.
“That was cooleoleol, dude!”

Garshed: Say it when you’re zonked after a massive day in the surf.
“Man I’m garshed!”

Wasssssabi: Say it when you’re sick of saying “wassup”.
“Hey man, wasssssabi!”

Blowing Up: Say it when you’re surfing really well.
“Mate, I’m blowing up today!”

Hotdogger: Say it when your mate is showing off in the surf!
“Dude, you’re such a hotdogger!”

Rag-dolled: Say it when you take a massive dunking.
“That wave totally rag-dolled me!”

Juicy: Say it when the conditions are perfect for wave-catching!
“The surf is so juicy today!”

Noodled: Say it when you’re exhausted from paddling tot he surf.
“My arms are fully noodled.”

Tubed: Say it when you surfed inside the tunnel of a wave.
“I got tubed!”

Trunkin’: Say it when you see a guy surfing in really cold water without a wetsuit.
“Man, he is trunkin’ it today!”

In addition to these phrase, the article points out some questions and answers with surfer Mark Visser. During the QnA, we learn that “claimsy” is a big word on the surf scene right now, and it refers to people who do a bit of bragging. Also, adding in “sick” and “all time” to your lingo can get you sounding more surfie than ever.

Thanks, K-Zone, for preparing this awesome slang lesson!

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