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Favorite Australian Slang: Beach Terms

This is part of an ongoing series of posts on my favorite Aussie slang. Be sure to check back for updates, or subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates to your reader automatically.

beachIf you’re headed to Australia, you’re headed to the beach. Aussies sure do love their beaches, and so do the tourists, so it helps to understand the local lingo in regards to going there and hanging out. Know what you need to take? Hmm… well, I’d suggest a cossie, thongs and sunnies to get started.

This list of Aussie slang for beach terms should help you out:

Cossie/cozzie – swimming costume.
It helps to note that Australians call a swimsuit a swimming costume, thus the cossie is short for costume.

Bathers – swimsuit

Togs – swimming costume

Budgie smugglers – speedo-like swimming costume
Check out the slang post I wrote on budgie smugglers to get a longer explanation on this type of cossie. Although iron men and professional swimmers wear this type of garment, there is no better spokesman for budgie smugglers than Tony Abbott.

Sunnies – sunglasses
The Aussies really missed out on this one. Shades is a perfectly good word for sunglasses and it is actually shorter than “sunnies”.

Thongs – flip-flops
This one still gets me. I can’t help but associate thongs with underwear, so taking your thongs to the beach can have a very different meaning to some people.

Boardies – board shorts
These are the same as swimming trunks pretty much.

Grommet – someone new to surfing
I would really enjoy knowing where this term originated from. Anyone?

Shark biscuit – someone new to surfing
It’s kind of funny this term, but also a little terrifying.

Surfies – surfers
I’m going to ask the million dollar question: “Why?!” Surfers seems like a pretty adequate word on its own.

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