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Cooking Classes in Australia

pizza doughCooking classes in Australia range from one-off evening lessons to full-blown courses with the best of the best. Unlike places like Thailand or Italy, when you take a cooking class in Australia, you have the option of learning the recipes of a variety of cultures given the mixing bowl of nations that make up the country. You can learn Malaysian cooking, Indian cooking, Italian, French, Portuguese or even get out and learn about bushtucker grub. The opportunities are endless!

The range of cooking classes and schools in Australia has grown in recent years thanks to a hit television show, Master Chef. Even Jr. Master Chef has the kiddies taking to the kitchen in this foodie revolution!

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Bushtucker Classes
These typically aren’t real cooking classes, but they are an interesting insight into the food lives of the Aboriginal people. Discover how they live off the harsh land of Australia with nuts, hunting and grubs.

Sydney and Melbourne Cooking Classes
Sydney is home to a plethora of good cooking schools and prices vary depending on the length, cooking style and school. Since seafood is such an integral part of the Australian diet, the Sydney Fish Markets offer several courses. Beyond that, choose from Japanese cooking classes, vegetarian cooking classes and coffee courses (because we know how important that is in Sydney). Sweet lovers can choose to learn more about cupcake making and decorating at places like Sydney Essential.

Melbourne, like Sydney, has a diverse food culture with trendy restaurants and plenty of cooking schools. For a real treat, check out the Savour Chocolate & Patisserie school.

Professional Cooking Schools in Australia
Cooking classes are great for a hobby, but if you want to learn how to run your own restaurant, you will need to practice in a professional cooking school. The world famous Le Cordon Bleu has chapters in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in the land Down Under — just a few of the 26 international schools they have on offer around the world.