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When people think of alternative neighborhoods in Brisbane they tend to resort to the notorious Fortitude Valley. But although the Valley is certainly off-beat, eclectic and lively, it doesn’t even come close to West End in its community. The locals in West End have created a kind of hipster mecca without the intrusions of normies and metrosexuals. Somehow, either by […]

Places to Eat in West End, Brisbane

Every October Sydney comes alive with festivals. The below are some of the loved up major annual events. The dates listed here are for 2007, however, these weekends generally remain constant each year. Darling Harbour Fiesta Sept28-October 1st Mariachis, capoeiristas and flamenco… Darling Harbour is going light up and dance to the Latin beat. Featuring over 70 performances, the Harbour […]

Sydney, Hot Dates in October

Do you know what a Balmain Bug is? Chances are you’ve read about it in your guide book on the plane ride over. No trip to Sydney is complete without trying some of the fantastic seafood on offer. If you are like me- I am completely overwhelmed when it comes to ordering seafood, knowing if it is prepared properly, and […]

How to Select and Prepare Australian Seafood. Know what ...

The Rocks Precinct is one of the coolest areas in Sydney. Frequented by tourists as well as locals, it is the home to pubs, entertainment venues, historic sights, markets, and one amazing pancake house. This weekend it plays host to the much anticipated Aroma Festival. Coffee, Chocolate, and Spices. Yum! If you are visiting Sydney this weekend, or you live […]

The Rocks, Satisfy your Java Craving: July 22nd, 2007

Ah, the Aussies! Some very good research dollars have been spent by some of the World’s Top Neurosurgeons and the findings presented at a conference in Carins. Most of us believe that a big night drinking means a few less brain cells in the morning, but new research suggests this isn’t true. A conference of some of the world’s top […]

Australia in the News- Booze is Good for You

Hello all of you out there in TV land! Only about 2 hours from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is one of the most publicized wine regions in Australia. As far as wine goes, the Hunter generally produces quite enjoyable and popular varieties. Wine aside, most importantly to many people, it provides a great romantic get away. I know loads of […]

Hunter Valley Tours, a few options

Oh the Aussies really nailed it with this one! One of my favorite ways to start a day is with a freshly squeezed juice. The best part about it- you get to pick the fruit/veggies/flavors you want in it. MMMM! Watermelon, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Mint, Ginger, Carrot, Celery, Pear…you name it! Granted at the moment it is winter and the […]

Oz Survival Guide to Food- Fresh Juice Shops

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying a really fantastic, moderately priced ($17-19) Australian Pinot Noir out of the Yarra Valley. I’m not always the biggest fan of Pinot due to a few unfortunate glasses I’ve tried, but this one shocked me the other direction. It was absolutely delicious. You would do yourself a good deed by trying the De […]

Aussie Wine Review, De Bortoli Pinot Noir Yarra Valley ...