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Cheap Hotels in Adelaide

Adelaide is a great gateway city for those wishing to see the jewels of South Australia, such as Kangaroo Island. It is also a great place to start a tour heading north into the Outback towards Alice Springs. While many people may give it grief overall, Adelaide is just a nice city to hang out in with a charm like no other major city in Australia.

There are plenty of cheap hotels in Adelaide to choose from, as you can tell from the map below. If you’re looking for more reasonable prices, I highly suggest looking outside of the main city center or CBD as those tend to be overpriced to say the least. For a decent and basic mid-range hotel, you can expect to pay in the area of $100 to $150 per night depending on the part of the city. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere to go with that price, why not look in North Adelaide for a good deal.

For budget backpackers, you might want to search for Adelaide hostels on our Australia hostels page. Hostels can cut your nightly expenses down to a fraction of the cost, which keeps you traveling longer.

Search this map to find cheap hotels in Adelaide, or find even more hotel options by searching with the widget above.