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Australia’s Big Things: The Giant Koala in Dadswells Bridge

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giant koala dadswells bridgeAustralia has a love the roadside attraction, or what they would call “big things”. We’ve been discussing a number of these big things in other posts, but did you know there are over 150 of them scattered across this country? We’ve talked about the Big Mango, the Big Lobster, the Big Bench, the Big Croc and the Big Cassowary. There are big everythings in Australia, even a Giant Koala!

The Giant Koala calls Dadswells Bridge home. It is located in the state of Victoria just near the Grampians Ranges and is otherwise known as the “Guardian of the Grampians”.

Usually known for being cute and cuddly-looking creatures, the Giant Koala will be a shock to the senses (or, it’s just not pretty to look at!). It stands 14 meters tall and is a very unflattering likeness to a cute little koala, but you get the point.

However, a visit to the Giant Koala is a definite worthwhile experience given that you are able to stop in for breakfast or lunch, and even get a photo taken with real koalas! Inside you’ll find souvenirs and gifts; in the nearby strip mall, you’ll be able to chill out in the restaurant or cool down with an ice cream.

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Outside, families can use the picnic grounds and free Bbq to have a meal in true Aussie fashion.

Children will love the petting zoo – stocked with rabbits, pigs and chickens – and the opportunity to get a photo taken with one of two real live koalas: Karla and Cuddles.

The Giant Koala seems like the perfect place to break up a road trip in Australia, so if you’re in the area, be sure to add it to your list.

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