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Yeee Haaaa! Learn to be a Jill-a-Roo or Jack-a-Roo!

whoarewe.jpg Giddy up little doggies! Grab your RM williams and your best cowboy hat! No Horseback riding experience necessary! If you ever had a dream as a child be a real Jill-a-roo or Jack-a-roo, here is you chance! You can take the class to fulfill those childhood fantasies or better yet to get a JOB! Now how is that for a different working holiday?

The 5 Day Jackaroo and Jillaroo School is located in Leconfield NSW, which is near Tamworth. For around $490 you too can become an Australian cowboy or cowgirl. They list: Horse riding, whip cracking and lassoing (hmmmm…how do you say…useful…..), calf throwing, fencing, swimming the horses, sheep shearing, milking, mustering and much more as the things you learn! He he. Each Class starts on Monday. Upon completion of the course they will help you find jobs and give a reference.

tamwor73.jpgTurn this class into a chance to see Country NSW. Just east of Tamworth- you are not far away from the Country Music heart of OZ and the BIG GOLD GUITAR! Free pick ups and drop offs from Tamworth. Come on! you know you have always wanted to!!! This class could help you get work that qualifies as regional/seasonal work for visa extension purposes.

Either contact Peterpan Travel in Byron or go directly to Call 02 6769 4328.
TB. Skerrett is the proprietor.