An Ode to the Rock Wallaby

I should apologize to those reading this that are not animal lovers. I am. I cannot get enough of cute native Australian wildlife – not koalas, not kangaroos, and definitely not rock wallabies. On two separate trips now, I have come into contact with rock wallabies and was given the opportunity to feed, pet and fall more in love with these pint-sized marsupials. In Granite Gorge, Heather and I hand-fed them little nibbles; in Magnetic Island, Patrick and I came face-to-face with a number of rock wallaby moms.

The rock wallaby is a rare form of the wallaby in Australia. They tend to live near cliffs and boulders, using them as cave-like dwellings. However, their small size makes them susceptible to attacks from larger predators. Here are some of my favorite rock wallaby photos:




Here's one enjoying a tasty carrot... mmmm.


The face of wisdom.

shy wallaby

He's a bit camera shy.

two mamas

Two mothers ready for some grub.


A little rocky in the pouch. Cute!

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