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Make San Francisco Your US/Australia Gateway

sfcitybridgeTravelers flying between the US and Australia don’t have many options for direct flights between the two. Nearly all flights from the US to Australia or vice versa will have a stop in Los Angeles or San Francisco. So, given the length of flight, why not plan a little layover here to break up the journey, even if the west coast isn’t your final destination?

San Francisco is a great stopover spot on your way to or from Oz. Cheap Qantas flights are regularly routed through the city, and it’s easy to schedule a layover of an extra day or two.

There’s so much to see and do in San Francisco that you could easily spend a week here and never “see it all” but you can still see the highlights in one-three days. Check out Fisherman’s Wharf, bike or walk across the Golden Gate bridge, eat Mexican food in the Mission, wander the Haight, party in the Castro, and ride the famous San Francisco trolley cars.

We’ve got some great San Francisco travel deals that can help you see the city on a small budget, and if you book a stay at one of our recommended cheap San Francisco hotels, you can add a few days to your trip without adding too much to the total cost. Plus, a short stop in the city by the Bay will help break up the long journey between the US and Australia.

Photo by kanogtraveler