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How to save $$ on transport in and around Sydney

dsc02864.JPGGetting around Sydney is easy and affordable if you know a few little pieces of information! Here is a guide to City Rail’s best tourist tickets. All tickets available from City Rail stations and several convenience stores.

City Hopper– All day trains between Central, Martin Place, Museum, Town Hall, and the main CBD (Downtown) area.

Day Tripper– All in one- Buses Trains and Ferries- offers discounts for some top attractions. $15 and sooo easy to use. (avoids waiting in long lines looking for exact change)

Travel Pass– Weekly all in one- find the zone you need. From $32. If you are here a couple of days- your best value.

Blue mountains Explorer Link Two versions available-
-1 day ticket – Return travel to Katoomba and access to the the Explorer Bus. Goes to 30 locations in the Blue Mountains
-3 day ticket – Return travel to Katoomba, unlimited train travel while you are in the mountains, Explorer bus access for 3 days.

Manly Ticket– Train and ferry travel to manly- only available from City Rail ticket windows-

Bondi Beach Ticket– Train to Bondi Junction and bus to the beach- only available from City Rail ticket windows

Tram Link Ticket– includes a single/rt/weekly train fare to central station and a tram trip to zone 1 or 2. This includes sights such as the Exhibition and Convention Centers, Star City, Glebe and the Sydney Fish Markets.

Family Fares- With at least one paying adult and one paying child; other children in the same family travel free. (Includes Day Tripper and City Hopper Passes).