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Qantas vs Choice Magazine, The Flying Kangarude?

f128973.jpgUH oh, it has been in the news lately that the flying Kangaroo has been named the flying Kangarude! Now my personal experience with them, has to this point, been very good, but thought I’d at least report both sides of the coin.
Qantas has recently been named the worst international airline in a major survey with travellers. Those completing the survey have labeled the national carrier arrogant and overpriced.
In a double blow, the flying Kangaroo’s low cost subsidiary Jet Star was named worst domestic airline. A survey of 4000 people by Choice magazine found that only 63 percent of travelers were satisfied with Qantas. Items like Value for Money, toilet facilities, and service, were all part of the Survey. On The winning end of the Survey were Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Air New Zealand.
Chioce touts itself as- “No Advertising, No Bias, Just Expert Advice” resource. It apperas to be a bit of a Consumer Report Type Website that has advice on buying laptops, fridges, cars, lending advice, Green Power reviews, and all kinds of other interesting things for the Australian Market.
You can see the Article here.