Backpacker working holiday extension

Backpackers will soon be able to work for up to twice as long while in Australia under changes to the Working Holiday Maker scheme.

A new provision to the scheme will allow any person who has undertaken seasonal harvest in regional Australia for a minimum of three months to make an application for a second Working Holiday Maker visa.

“It means backpackers will soon be able to extend their working holiday in Australia by another year, enabling them to stay longer and spend more,” Federal Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said.




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The best part of the article? The last line (as pointed out by Joe E): “The organisation would also continue to lobby the government to make the visa available to US citizens – one of Australia’s largest untapped youth markets, he said” They’ve been lobbying for a long time, though. I’m curious as to why the Australian government won’t take advantage of this market and all the money American backpackers could provide. The more bartenders, the better, right???

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