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Australia Travel News 07/20/2011

  • A surprise on Lake Macquarie – johnvacy’s posterous

    Being a Big 4 it has all of the luxuries of a quality holiday park, camp kitchen with everything you could need, including heaters for those cold winter nights, pool and playground. The amenities are spotless and we even have some toilets only 20 or so metres from our tent, while the main amenities are on the other side of the park.

  • New World Nomads App Hits 10,000 Downloads | Travel Trends

    The new 'Ask A Nomad' iPad app from World Nomads reached #7 in the top 10 travel products on Apple’s US App Store within days of release and has now been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

  • Oprah Winfrey’s Australian visit | Why it didn’t work for tourism

    I’ve done enough whingeing about Australia’s policy-free tourism strategy for 10 men. But what was I expecting when someone at Tourism Australia last year thought of the gimmick of inviting the Oprah Winfrey entourage here to tape some TV shows for overseas audiences?

  • Strangler Figs and Natural Bridges | Journey Jottings

    Natural Bridge (some call it Natural Arch) is located in SE Queensland. Just an hour and a half by road south of Brisbane, its situated only 4kms north of the NSW – Queensland border.

  • Clocking Off: Quokka O’Clock

    Quokkas are small marsupials, the size of a genitically modified rat, but far cuter and are found throughout Rottnest Island.

  • Cradle Mountain » Cradle Mountain Activities

    If you are searching for a list of activities to enjoy while visiting Cradle Mountain Tasmania here are 15 different ideas to help you get the most out of your visit to the National Park.

  • Surfing Sydney Style | Aussie on the Road

    When Fallon suggested that she'd like to take a weekend surf trip, I wasn't overjoyed at the idea, but she'd not steered me wrong in the past. And with a friend in from the United States, it seemed like a good, iconic Aussie thing to show him.

  • 36 Travel Blogs to Follow and The Benefits | y Travel Blog

    Whether it’s advice we need on new destinations, travel planning, travel tips, things to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, or getting around, experienced travel blogger’s can be your best and most current source of information.

  • My Journey – The adventures of a solo female traveler.

    So why does one go all the way to Exmouth, WA? Well there is only a few reasons and mine was to go swimming with the gentle giants of the sea, whale sharks, in Ningaloo Marine Park with Three Islands Marine Charters.

  • A jaw dropping revelation – Parramatta, Australia Travel Blog

    There I was on the way to Parramatta and as I do back in London, I used the seats opposite me as a foot rest then lo and behold an old man came to what I thought was sit down opposite my chair, but then the magic happened…