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Australia Travel News 06/30/2011

  • Cairns tour operator leaves diver behind on Great Barrier Reef

    According to the distressed guest, the crew member who did the head count was immediately sacked. T

  • How to travel cheap in Sydney | Runaway Jane

    Sydney is one of those cities that really does live up to expectations. Rarely do I get to a place which just blows me away, that was more than what I thought it could be. One walk down to Circular Quay however, and despite it being filled with tourist I was still completely in awe. Sydney will forever be my favourite city in the world, and I hope that if you visit that you find these tips useful.

  • Suzer’s Expat Adventures: Are you a Trailing Spouse?

    The trailing spouse is often defined as one who makes the move abroad to follow a partner on a work assignment and due to visa restrictions, is prevented from seeking employment for themselves.

  • Cost of Living “Comfortably” in Australia: HILDA Report

    As you know, my family is as described above; we are a couple with one child. Personally, I would say to describe ourselves as “comfortable”, our joint incomes would need to be around $100,000 a year before tax deductions.

  • Australian Immigration Changes | Embrace Australia

    If you want to check the new legislative changes concerning Australia Immigration that are to come into force on July 1st you can look at the list from Diac below.

  • Cape Tribulation – heart of the Daintree Rainforest

    Cape Tribulation is the main village within the Daintree. Most of the budget accommodation and tour operators are situated in this small tropical town. From here it is only a short stroll to the local beaches. Be sure to take the boardwalk stroll to discover the biodiversity of this unique fauna.

  • Travel Tip: Rental Car Insurance in Oz | | Go, See, Write

    I asked the two owners of the hostel, Wendy and Chris, about renting a car and whether it would be possible to get from Brisbane to Ayers Rock by the next evening, my 42th birthday. They said they thought it was about 2,000 kilometers and they would check on rental car prices for me while I pulled some stuff up on the internet about other options and made my decision. 2

  • How to travel with friends (and not want to kill them) | Travellers Autobarn

    Even your closest friend of 20 years, who saved your dog with mouth-to-mouth and donated a kidney to your sister (or vice-versa), can sometimes drive you to a stuttering rage while on the road. The divergent day-to-day circumstances of travel can expose and magnify irritations and disparities you never knew existed.

  • My list of little expat joys | C’est Christine

    It may have been my dirty little travel secret, but now it’s out in the open that I prefer being an expat to being a traveler. I like being a regular. I like sleeping in my own bed. I like having a steady paycheck. It’s not exactly glamorous–when people ask me what I’m doing, I usually just say “life–but on the other side of the world.”

  • Melbourne: a city to live in | C’est Christine

    There are some cities in the world that are amazing to visit: full of sights to see, picturesque vistas, locals that look like they climbed out of a stereotype (Paris instantly springs to mind). There are other cities in the world that may not top the list of most popular vacation destinations, but those who live there have just a whisper of smart satisfaction–they know they’re living the good life.