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Getting From Sydney to Melbourne

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From Sydney’s iconic attractions to Melbourne’s style and culture, there’s no question as to why these are two of the most popular cities for travelers to visit while in Australia. Even locals find it necessary to travel frequently between the two, which is why we have put together the list of all the ways to get from A to B in this post. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway, or the next leg of your long-term trip, here’s how to get from Sydney to Melbourne.

Driving From Sydney to Melbourne

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne can be a pleasant treat to those looking for a taste of what lies between these two popular Australian destinations. The straight drive itself can take anywhere from 9 to 12 hours, depending on the route driven.

  • The Coastal Route: This route is the longer of the two. It follows the Princes Highway along the coast and includes potential stops at Nowra, Batemans Bay and Phillip Island. If you want to go even longer and more scenic, be sure to include the Grand Pacific Drive into the journey. This route travels from the Royal National Park near Sydney to Shoalhaven Heads past Wollongong for a wonderful 140 kilometer ride to remember. Read more about this scenic route from Sydney.
  • The Inland Route: This route is a fair chunk of time shorter. It follows the Hume Highway inland and includes potential stops at Canberra and Bendigo.

In order to make the drive, it is possible to either rent a car or campervan. Campervans are great for cutting down on costs for accommodation along the way, and they provide more freedom to travelers looking to get to know Australia better.

Trains From Sydney to Melbourne

Trains from Sydney to Melbourne run daily via CountryLink, but they do make the trip about an 11 hour ride. You can expect to spend around $90 one-way, but if you are not interested in renting a vehicle, or making the drive yourself, the train can be a nice way to relax and get some work done in the process. However, it is hard to choose this method of transportation when a budget flight can get you there in an hour, and for less than half the price.

Buses From Sydney to Melbourne

Buses are another way to get from Sydney to Melbourne in a comfortable setting. Greyhound can get you there in around 12 hours, and it’ll only cost you about $60 each way. Buses are a great option for travelers that wish to take the scenic route, however, a budget flight can often be cheaper and a fraction of the time.

Flights From Sydney to Melbourne

Not including check-in and baggage collection, the flight can be as short as an hour from Sydney to Melbourne, and the price is often quite reasonable. On some of the budget airlines, there are one-way fares as low as $20 on special, but they are generally double that as a normal rate. Flights can be caught on JetStar, Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways and Qantas. Just be sure to check your airline’s specific requirements for check in times and luggage restrictions as they vary.

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