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Getting from Adelaide to Perth

perth at night
Perth at Night
Many options are available to travelers looking to get from the South Australia capital city of Adelaide to the Western Australia capital of Perth. Travelers can choose to fly (for the quickest and easiest option), take a long-distance train (for the most unique option), drive (for the more adventurous route) or hop on a bus (for a more hands-free overland approach). Heck, you might even be able to hop on a cruise going from one to the other.

The distance from Adelaide to Perth is 2100 kilometers in a straight line, so it is wise to do a bit of good planning for crossing the length in any manner other than a plane. To better plan your trip, have a look at these things to do in Perth, as well as these cheap hotels in Perth.

Getting from Adelaide to Perth by Plane

Non-stop flights from Adelaide to Perth run in the 3 hour and 30 minute range. You can catch a direct flight on Qantas, Virgin Australia or Jetstar anywhere from 5 to 7 times per day depending on the day of the week. For more information on grabbing a cheap flight, be sure to read more in the article on budget airlines that fly to Perth. Otherwise, have a quick search using the widgets below.

Quick search flights to Perth (PER) from Adelaide (ADL), Sydney (SYD) and Melbourne (MEL):

Getting from Adelaide to Perth by Train

If you love riding the rails, then the train trip from Adelaide to Perth is one that should be near the top of your list. Adelaide is the hub city for the Great Southern Rail train journeys, one of which (the Indian Pacific) can take you the distance from Adelaide all the way out to Perth. The trip will run about 2 nights in length with stops in Cook and Kalgoorlie along the way. Having done the trip myself, I can say it is one of the most scenic journeys you can take going across the Nullarbor Plain.

Getting from Adelaide to Perth by Car

The drive from Adelaide to Perth by most convenient route covers a distance of 2,708 kilometers on the Eyre Highway. The drive, without stopping, is estimated at 1 day and 5 hours, but not stopping would be a big mistake – not only because of the sheer distance you have to cover, but also because of the sites you will be missing out on along the way.

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For more assistance with making the drive, be sure to read the article on the top things to do and see on the Nullarbor, as well as the post on tips for driving across the Nullarbor. It’s a vast, barren stretch of land to cover, so also be prepared; read some more tips on the driving in Australia page.

Getting from Adelaide to Perth by Bus

Buses do run from Adelaide to Perth, but they are more of tour buses than your standard transport options. Greyhound, for example, does not run the route, but you can hitch a ride with one of their partners. Otherwise have a look at the Australian tours page to see if there are any options for tour buses to join; these are great because you not only cover the distance but also see some sights in the process. Be prepared for a long trip; read more on the bus travel in Australia page.

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