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Australia Campervans: An Overview of Travellers Auto Barn

Travellers Auto Barn in CairnsTravellers Auto Barn is one of the big backpacker vehicle renting companies in Australia, both renting and selling a number of options for those looking to self-drive their own adventure down under. They offer campervans, cars and 4WD vehicles that are mostly equipped to help backpackers save money on their travel and accommodation along the way.

Travellers Auto Barn
Freecall: 1800 674 374 (inside Australia Only)
International: +61 2 9360 1500
Website: Travellers Auto Barn

Travellers Auto Barn has locations in most major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and Perth.

What’s on Offer at Travellers Auto Barn?

Campervan Rentals:

  • Chubby Campervans – The Chubby Campervans are 2-berth vans that have sleeping space, kitchenette, portable gas cooker and an esky cooler. They are the smaller van options.
  • Hi-Top Campervans – The Hi-Tops are called so because they have an extra sleeping space on the top of the van. They can house 2-3 people and have a number of other features like a 2-space gas cooker, 2-way fridge, a microwave and a sink.

Car Rentals:

  • Compact Cars – A range of older compact cars are available for rent at Auto Barn for those that are looking for a budget option to self-drive. They do not include camping equipment or the ability to sleep inside.
  • Stationwagons – Stationwagons are a great campervan alternative through the Auto Barn, giving the capacity to seat up to 5 people, while also including the option to sleep 2 people in the back and 2-3 people in a small tent. These have automatic transmission.

Motorhome Rentals:

  • 4-Berth Motorhomes – This is basically a home on wheels with everything you need, including a shower/toilet section. It sleeps 4 people.
  • 6-Berth Motorhomes – This home on wheels is spacious and comfortable with room for 6 to sleep, and a shower/toilet inside.

Vehicle Sales:

  • For travelers on longer journeys, Travellers Auto Barn offers vehicle sales of vans, campervans, cars and 4WD vehicles.

Guaranteed Buyback with Vehicle Sales

A major perk of choosing Travellers Auto Barn as your option for buying a vehicle is the guaranteed buyback they offer at the end of the trip. Ever been in a hostel where someone was constantly hounding people to see if they needed to buy a van? Well, with Auto Barn, you won’t have to be that person, and that is one less worry to think about.

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