Wine Tasting in Australia

vineyard australiaAustralia is a country of diverse landscapes — some not good for growing anything, some perfect for cow farming and some giving just the right opportunity to grow great wine grapes.

These grapes are grown in wine country, little regions scattered across many of the southern states, but predominantly a part of South Australia. It is here that spending a day or a weekend is in order for tasting the local wines at cellar doors, and pairing your favorite drinks with a gourmet meal or two.

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Popular Wine Regions
When you’re in Sydney, the go-to wine-tasting location is the Hunter Valley to the north. It is here that the Semillon grape is produced into a popular wine option. Grab a Hunter Valley tour bus so that you can enjoy the tasting and not have to worry about driving from winery to winery in the process.




The popular wine country getaway in South Australia is the famous Barossa Valley, while Victoria is home to the Yarra Valley. The Swan Valley is just a short 20-minute drive from Perth and features wine, beer and gourmet food. As with the Hunter, it might be a good idea to hire a driver or a tour bus in order to take advantage of the great wines at hand.

If you like tropical fruit wine, north Queensland has seen this niche become a popular asset in the tourism industry. Stop off and have mango wine or wine made from lychees for something a bit different.

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Wine Tasting at Cellar Doors
chandon wine tastingWhen you want to stop at a winery to taste some of the wines on offer, you must look for the cellar doors. It is here that a staff member will let you have your samples of their best for you to drink at your leisure or swish and spit if you want to stay sober. Some cellar doors will have free cheese and crackers on hand in order to help you cleanse your palette between wines. Remember to be courteous to your host. They are giving you free alcohol by the way!

When you find a bottle or two that you enjoy, make a purchase and head on your way to the next. Or, if you packed a picnic lunch, some wineries will have locations on the premise where you can relax and uncork a bottle.

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