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I first want to start this post off by explaining that I am not immigration nor am I the source of “official” information when it comes to getting your working holiday visa for Australia. However, I have done the working holiday visa (well, Work and Holiday Visa since I’m American), and I can write about my personal experiences with getting […]

Applying for a Working Holiday Visa Australia: Health Requirements ...

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It’s many people’s dreams to travel to Australia, but not for a short while, for an extended working holiday. The Working Holiday is the perfect excuse to take a year out of your life and take up employment in Australia – or not. While you can definitely choose to bum it for an awesome, long holiday, there is always the […]

Job Opportunities in Australia for Working Holiday Makers

Maybe you just finished college. Maybe you were recently laid off. Or you are having a quarter life crisis and are in search of adventure. Or perhaps you want to brush up on your Aussie slang and learn how to drink with the best of them. Whatever your reason, if you are wondering where you can go to travel, explore […]

Working Holidays in Australia

Giddy up little doggies! Grab your RM williams and your best cowboy hat! No Horseback riding experience necessary! If you ever had a dream as a child be a real Jill-a-roo or Jack-a-roo, here is you chance! You can take the class to fulfill those childhood fantasies or better yet to get a JOB! Now how is that for a […]

Yeee Haaaa! Learn to be a Jill-a-Roo or Jack-a-Roo!

OK- So you got your visa, arrived in Australia, earned your additional Australian Certifications, and are now looking for a job. There is one more thing you are going to need…a Tax File Number (TFN)! You don’t have to get one but it is DEFINATELY in your best interest. Without one you will be hard pressed to find an employer […]

Watch out for the Tax Man! Working in Australia ...