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I first want to start this post off by explaining that I am not immigration nor am I the source of “official” information when it comes to getting your working holiday visa for Australia. However, I have done the working holiday visa (well, Work and Holiday Visa since I’m American), and I can write about my personal experiences with getting […]

Applying for a Working Holiday Visa Australia: Health Requirements ...

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The following is a guest post from Hannah DeMilta, an American expat living in the land Down Under. I moved to Australia almost nine months ago and started my new job with a digital marketing agency here in Sydney. I’ve enjoyed the experience of learning more about Australian culture through the workplace. There are some noticeable differences that I’ve seen […]

The Australian Work Culture

Maybe you just finished college. Maybe you were recently laid off. Or you are having a quarter life crisis and are in search of adventure. Or perhaps you want to brush up on your Aussie slang and learn how to drink with the best of them. Whatever your reason, if you are wondering where you can go to travel, explore […]

Working Holidays in Australia

This is good news for backpackers who want to work and the country that needs them, but what happens if the backpackers stop coming or wanting to work? It’s a reliance that must worry some… RECENT backpacker visa changes will help address skills shortages in the tourism sector. Backpackers working in Australian are now eligible to work twice as long […]

Work visa overcomes crisis

In the United States, migrant Mexican workers do significant amounts of fruit picking, especially in California. In Australia, the government is hoping English backpackers will be able to fill the ranks by offering an extension on working holiday visas for a year for those who spend their first three months in the bush. The government is already seeing a large […]

Changes to working holiday visa to make backpackers more picky

Backpackers will soon be able to work for up to twice as long while in Australia under changes to the Working Holiday Maker scheme. A new provision to the scheme will allow any person who has undertaken seasonal harvest in regional Australia for a minimum of three months to make an application for a second Working Holiday Maker visa. “It […]

Backpacker working holiday extension

Was watching one of those awful travel shows, like Getaway, for about 5 minutes last night. Normally I can’t stand these shows but this time I saw a URL for a resource I thought might be helpful: Working Holiday Guru is a site for Aussie travellers listing all the countries that offer working holiday visas and the basic requirements needed […]

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