When you think of winter, you tend to think of cold weather with lots of rain and early darkness. Well, that’s not quite what you get with winter in Australia. Whilst snow can be found in certain parts of southern Australia, especially Tasmania and Victoria, many parts of the country, such as Darwin in the north, still experience an average […]

Things to Do During the Australian Winter

splendour in the grass
It starts the last weekend of this month! Are you going? Splendour in the Grass is a very popular music and arts festival that takes place during the Australian winter, usually in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The festival comes around every July and features heaps of bands and musical acts that result in lightning quick ticket sales. Splendour in […]

Splendour in the Grass – Music Festival

No matter what time of the year you catch a flight to Australia, there is probably a festival… or two… or five that you can plan into your itinerary. Winter in Australia is no different, meaning there are just as many happening around this festival-loving country then as there are in summer. Just to give you a taste of what’s […]

Winter Festivals in Australia – The Ultimate List

Australia is more than just beaches and the outback, and to prove that point there’s Melbourne in July. Melbourne has a draw all its own, with culture, arts, shopping, restaurants and cafes mixing to give any tourist – no matter which season they arrive in – a number of activities to keep them busy and happy. July Events in Melbourne […]

July in Melbourne – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

Visiting Sydney in July will get you there right smack in the middle of winter. Depending on where you just came from – the hot north perhaps – the cooler weather could be a welcomed treat. Still, cooler weather or not, Sydney is a place considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world, full of amazing restaurants, a […]

July in Sydney – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

When I hear Aussies talk about winter in Australia, I have to laugh to myself a little. Of course, weather always seems relative to where you come from, and where I come from has some bad winters. Australia, on the other hand, has it quite easy in this season since few places actually reach below freezing, and other places, such […]

Winter in Australia

Australia in July sees itself in the full-swing of winter, but it is still a place to visit and spend time outdoors. The far north of the country basks in sunshine and reaches temperatures in the 30s (Celsius) on many days of the week, so traveling to the Great Barrier Reef or Kakadu National Park is not a problem. In […]

July in Australia