murdering point winery
With such a unique name, I knew I had to stop at Murdering Point Winery, but I definitely prepared myself for the worst. See, I’m a Cabernet type of girl; I like my wines very red and very dry, and when it comes to exotic fruit wines, as are produced at Murdering Point Winery, I’m usually not satisfied – especially […]

Murdering Point Winery is More than a Silly Name

atherton tablelands
The Atherton Tablelands is an area in north Queensland spanning the region west and south-west inland from Cairns. It lies on a plateau giving it a climate conducive to farming various products from coffee to peanuts to plain old dairy. In addition to the weather, the area is also known to have very rich soil because of all the volcanic […]

The Atherton Tablelands & Its Delicious Attractions

Australia’s long held reputation of being a nation of beer drinkers and whiskey swillers may make it seem like a surprising destination for wine tasters, connoisseurs and sophisticates, yet despite the stereotypes, sommeliers worldwide have steadily come to consider Australia to be one of the world’s top wine making regions. In fact, Australia is now the third largest importer of […]

Australia’s Wine Country – A Guide to All of the ...