tropical north Queensland

private kewarra beach romantic dinner
Australia is the exotic country that can provide the perfect backdrop to just about any wedding style. Whether you’re looking for the pristine beach setting, a romantic vineyard landscape or a contrasting and rugged red outback scene, there is a location and a means to make that special dream wedding day a reality. For those wanting a small, quaint beach […]

Top Hotels in North Queensland for a Destination Wedding

townsville sky
The tragedy that has struck large parts of Queensland is nothing less than heartbreaking. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, and I’m sure you’ve been concerned about your upcoming Australia travels because of it. For this reason, I’d like to take a moment to reiterate the sentiments of the various tourism agencies in the state that have been seeing the […]

Reasons Queensland Should be in Your Australia Itinerary Now More ...

Cooktown View at Sunset
Cooktown is a small town in Queensland’s tropical north that isn’t visited as often as many other places in this Australian state. It usually only seems to be visited by those adventurous travelers going the Cooktown to Cape York route, but the lucky others that get to Cooktown are in for a lovely little treat. It may not be big, […]

Getting to Cooktown from Cairns

Cairns Airport
Cairns, way up in tropical north Queensland, is probably a place that you wouldn’t want to fly to at all parts of the year. There is the very wet, and ultimately very humid, summer months that can be simply unbearable to do anything except for staying submerged in the ocean or under a beautiful waterfall. However, if you should decide […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Cairns