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Are you currently planning your very first trip to Australia but realizing that Australia is a really big country? Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? It’s okay; I’ve been there. This is one gigantic and beautiful country – one that many people get but one opportunity to visit – so we want to make the most of the […]

Australia First Time Visitor Guide

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If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life, Magnetic Island is one spectacular option for doing so in Australia. I know I’ve tossed around the word “paradise” since my recent trip to this glorious tropical island, but there really is no better word than that. If you visit Magnetic Island, you get a […]

Magnetic Island Travel Guide

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When backpacking, carrying a guidebook is like having a lifeline. You never know when plans will change or get interrupted, and having travel options and alternatives available at your fingertips can be priceless. Note: even though I do put together this online travel guide, I understand the benefits of a full book on-hand, especially in a country like Australia where […]

Which Australia Guidebook is the Best?

When I hear Aussies talk about winter in Australia, I have to laugh to myself a little. Of course, weather always seems relative to where you come from, and where I come from has some bad winters. Australia, on the other hand, has it quite easy in this season since few places actually reach below freezing, and other places, such […]

Winter in Australia

Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia in June starts to get its first taste of the upcoming short winter season. For a lot of the country, temperatures do drop, and a bit more rain might fall, but it is definitely abnormal to experience snow anywhere except for on the highest peaks in June. In fact, winter in Australia in some […]

June in Australia

Perth, being on the Western side of the country, contains fewer consulates than other major cities in Australia. Consulates provide visitors with assistance to a number of tasks including renewing passports and notarizing documents. Locals and other foreigners are able to receive visa assistance if necessary for traveling to that specific country. Some offices require an appointment to stop by, […]

Consulates in Perth

Melbourne is located in Victoria, and it is probably the second most popular city on a traveler’s stay in Australia. Besides that, it also houses quite a few consulates from countries around the globe. Consulates can assist visitors with a number of services from notarizing documents to renewing passports. Visa assistance is also possible for both citizens and those wishing […]

Consulates in Melbourne

Sydney, being the bustling and multi-cultural city that it is, houses a plethora of foreign consulates. Most are located in the downtown Sydney area, and most should be contacted by phone before walking in. Consulates are governmental bodies that are able to assist members of that country with certain passport or visa issues, as well as provide citizen services. They […]

Consulates in Sydney

The New Zealand Consulate General in Melbourne is located on Collins Street just near the Williams Street/Collins Street tram station. New Zealand Consulate General Level 10, 454 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000 Telephone: +61 3 9642 1279 Fax: +61 3 9642 1586 Email: [email protected] General opening hours are from 9:00am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. […]

New Zealand Consulate General in Melbourne