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Getting around in Perth is a completely different ballgame to getting around in Sydney. In Perth, the living is spread out and on a much smaller scale. This fact is apparent in the way the main city trains have less carriages, and there are wide city streets to back that up. Plus, everything in Perth is so fresh and new. […]

Getting Around in Perth

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Getting to Broken Hill from Sydney is always a possibility. For some, though, taking the time and effort to self-drive 15 hours through some of the most barren locations in New South Wales is not on the menu. For them, I have put together this list of ways to get to Broken Hill either via train, bus or plane. >> […]

How to Get to Broken Hill from Sydney

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If you’ve been in Australia, you may have seen the Jucy campervan on the road once or twice. You can’t really miss them if you do – they’re bright green with purple trim! But, Jucy is more than just some flashy colors on a mini-van; they actually provide some nice compact campervans with a number of amenities. Here is a […]

Jucy – Simple Luxury in a Compact Campervan

Travellers Auto Barn in Cairns
Travellers Auto Barn is one of the big backpacker vehicle renting companies in Australia, both renting and selling a number of options for those looking to self-drive their own adventure down under. They offer campervans, cars and 4WD vehicles that are mostly equipped to help backpackers save money on their travel and accommodation along the way. Travellers Auto Barn Freecall: […]

Australia Campervans: An Overview of Travellers Auto Barn