kangaroo island south australia
Hamilton Island was recently visited by Oprah on her wander Down Under, but most Australia travelers know about the island’s fame for many other reasons. For one, it is a part of the glorious Whitsunday Islands, a unique space of Great Barrier Reef ocean that presents one beautiful island after the next. Two, it is the location of the social […]

7 Island Getaways in Australia Besides Hamilton

sydney opera house
The Sydney Opera House sits on the harbour’s edge, a place it has called home since 1973. With its award-winning design, it has both become an UNESCO World Heritage listed site and an icon for the land Down Under. In other words, you can’t think of Sydney and not think of this magnificent piece of architecture, and you can’t come […]

7 Luxury Hotels with a View of the Sydney Opera ...

tooheys new beer
When traveling around Australia, you will quickly find that different beers are found on tap in different areas. In fact, beer offerings and beer brand loyalty are quite regional, and that means you may have to switch up what you’re drinking depending on where you are in Australia if you’re planning to blend in Down under. Oh, and don’t forget […]

Australian Beers by State

meat pie
Wondering what kind of food you can sink your teeth into while in Australia? Australia is not known for being the culinary delight that countries like Italy and Spain are, but if you know where to look, you can be sure to get into some of the bits that make Australia special. >> Learn more about Aussie food and drink […]

What to Eat in Australia: Famous Australian Food

No matter what time of the year you catch a flight to Australia, there is probably a festival… or two… or five that you can plan into your itinerary. Winter in Australia is no different, meaning there are just as many happening around this festival-loving country then as there are in summer. Just to give you a taste of what’s […]

Winter Festivals in Australia – The Ultimate List

With lush rainforests, big rivers and the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast, it is no wonder that Cairns is a major tourist destination in Queensland, Australia. Beautiful scenery, proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of the GBR in the world and lots of opportunities for adventure and trouble making, Cairns is beer and barbie Mecca—a place […]

Top 10 Things to do in Cairns