Taronga Zoo

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Australia has a number of features that make it a unique place to visit, and of course, you’ll want to see them all. However, that’s not always possible given your holiday time or your reason for visiting in the first place. Perhaps you have business in Sydney, but not enough time to get up to Queensland. Maybe you had just […]

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Often confused by tourists as the country’s capital, Sydney is definitely the biggest and most visited city in Australia. It seems to offer a bit of everything that is Australia, from the beautiful weather and beaches to the animals and amazing people. A stop-over in Sydney is almost unavoidable by many travelers since it does catch the brunt of most […]

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Sydneysiders, prepare to party! Summer is set to sizzle when an outstanding array of Australian talent burns up the Taronga Zoo stage every weekend in February and March. The Sun-Herald Twilight at Taronga showcases the best of Sydney in the summer – fabulous weather, delicious picnics in great company and sensational entertainment in an awe-inspiring setting. Grab your friends, pack […]

Sydney, Taronga Zoo Concerts

If you are over visiting Taronga Zoo while visiting Sydney, don’t miss out on the lovely little village of Mosman. Believe it or not- you can turn your zoo visit either into a bush walk, a beach trip or some massively amazing boutique shopping. From the zoo parking lot you can take a bus up into Military Road which is […]

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