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The hottest location in Sydney for a night or a week stay is right down near the Sydney Opera House. Not only does accommodation near the Opera House give you glorious views, it also puts you right next to the beautiful Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, the Rocks district and the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain. Visitors […]

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sydney opera house
The Sydney Opera House sits on the harbour’s edge, a place it has called home since 1973. With its award-winning design, it has both become an UNESCO World Heritage listed site and an icon for the land Down Under. In other words, you can’t think of Sydney and not think of this magnificent piece of architecture, and you can’t come […]

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Oprah’s on! Tourism Australia and Oprah have teamed up in an event so massive that you would… well… only expect it on Oprah. The talk-show diva announced recently on her show that she would be taking her entire audience (all 300) to the land down under to film the first episode of her final season! As part of the experience, […]

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I love it when there is free Culture Vulture stuff, and what better venue than the Opera House. As Part of Sorry Day, The Opera House is hosting an Indigenous Film Festival. Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival 12 – 14 May Presenter: Sydney Opera House in association with the Australian Film Commission and Indigenous Screen Australia Venue: Playhouse Message Sticks […]

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There are so many good things going on at the Sydney Opera House, it is hard to highlight just a few. One such event is entitled 10 Days on Earth by Ronnie Burkett. Mr. Burkett is touted as the world’s master of marionettes, and, according to critics, manages to ignite adult imaginations with puppet theatre which pulls at the heart […]

Sydney Opera House- 10 Days on Earth

Melbourne’s G20 summit has been hailed a success and the friendliest held since the group’s inception seven years ago Australian director George Miller and his troupe of fluffy tap-dancing penguins in Happy Feet, earned an impressive $US42.3 million and have topped the North American box office, knocking off James Bond and sending Borat back to Kazakhstan. The Sydney Opera House […]

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