sydney harbour bridge

Often confused by tourists as the country’s capital, Sydney is definitely the biggest and most visited city in Australia. It seems to offer a bit of everything that is Australia, from the beautiful weather and beaches to the animals and amazing people. A stop-over in Sydney is almost unavoidable by many travelers since it does catch the brunt of most […]

10 Things to Do in Sydney

Many of us have lists written to organize our lives. Between the omnipresent grocery list and the always-too-long to do list there’s room for one more: the bucket list. It contains things we want to do during our lives. I’m not sure about you but walking or climbing famous bridges is on my list. In fact, I’ve already visited some […]

Bucket List Item 1: Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Not a view of the Harbour Bridge you get everyday- and not one you are likely to get March 18th either…. Hey Everyone! It’s a party! Come help cut the cake and blow out the candles for this 75 year old beauty! Marvel at the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s engineering mastery right up close and experience the buzz of the original […]

Sydney Harbour Bridge, 75th Birthday