Sydney train
One of the things you should know about Sydney is the fact that it is a city not built up, but built out. I noticed it during my first week in the city from the top of the Sydney tower; the buildings below didn’t really get that tall. Instead, I was met with miles and miles of suburbs stretching into […]

Getting Around in Sydney

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It’s no joke that drinking in Sydney is expensive. At $8 for a beer, and double that for a cocktail, it’s one of the easiest ways to blow a travel budget when down under. I’m sure you’ve heard it before — you can always save money on drinking in Sydney by just drinking less, or by spacing your beverages out […]

Ways to Save Money on Drinking in Sydney

Whether you are coming in from a nearby country, or just another part of Australia, a number of budget airlines that fly to Sydney can help make the trek a little less expensive. This is excellent news to travelers on a tighter budget, backpackers and vagabonds looking to see the likes of the Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach. If coming […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Sydney

Sydney would not be known as a budget destination by any means. It is, after all, the largest city in all of Australia with global companies, a large international airport and a healthy population to back it up. It is best to be careful here; Sydney is the type of place that can leave a traveler in shock once they’ve […]

Discount Cards in Sydney

There is so much to see and do in Sydney, especially around the bustling Sydney Harbour area, and local resident Phill Danze says much of it can be experienced for free. Here are Phill’s top picks for the best free and cheap ways to explore Sydney Harbour. As a Sydney local I often visit the harbour area for many reasons […]

The Best of Sydney Harbour for Next to Nix

Often confused by tourists as the country’s capital, Sydney is definitely the biggest and most visited city in Australia. It seems to offer a bit of everything that is Australia, from the beautiful weather and beaches to the animals and amazing people. A stop-over in Sydney is almost unavoidable by many travelers since it does catch the brunt of most […]

10 Things to Do in Sydney